The importance of high biodiversity

At Knuthenlund, we think it is essential that we have as much biodiversity in nature as possible. We believe that nature is our partner that we must strengthen and take care so that it can yield its best. A healthy nature produces healthy crops, healthy animals and healthy people.

This also means that in our operations we work to improve the conditions of different biotopes including predators such as spiders, beetles and ladybugs, since they have an important role to play in reducing pests such as lice, which we do not want in our fields.

Therefore, we have recreated the historic hedgerows around the farm as a habitat for both livestock and wildlife. The hedgerows are established with an old Lolland wild plum, the Damson, which existed historically in all hedgerows on Lolland and Falster. However, this plum is currently threatened with extinction because it is very sensitive to Roundup, which has caused the plum to disappear in most places.

In addition to the Damson fences we have created 8 km of vegetable rows and 8 km of insect mounds in the fields for livestock as well as wildlife. At the same time, we have, with the support of 15 June Fund, European Union and Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, cleaned all the water holes around the farm for amphibians including the little green tree frog, and have undertaken conservation work for bats, by preserving 660 trees on the forest edge as a bat shelter.

In working to create a high level of biodiversity at Knuthenlund, we think it is also important to preserve traditional plant varieties and livestock breeds. We believe that many of the old varieties and breeds can do things that modern varieties and breeds cannot.
Often they are sturdier and animals often thrive better outdoors in the Danish countryside. More often than not, however, they have lower yield and growth, which is why they are often threatened with extinction, because they do not fit into more industrialised production. We believe, however, that they play a key role in other areas, since in addition to creating diversity they can also help to create some different taste experiences for consumers.