The Dairy at Knuthenlund

My great-grandfather, dairyman J.P.H. Hansen, was awarded for his white cheese in 1903. That enabled him to buy Knuthenlund Estate 10 years later.

When I took over the estate in 2006, I decided after careful consideration to convert the operation to organic production. The goal was to create a new series of products, based on the good growing conditions and the mild climate that we have on Lolland.

The principle is called “from farm to table”.

It is therefore also the estate’s own stock of free-range, organic dairy sheep and original Danish Red cows that are the basis of Knuthenlund’s dairy products. The animals graze in Knuthenlund’s lush fields 150 days per year. The fields are sown with various herbs that help give the milk a full, round flavour.

Subsequently the milk is carefully processed according to traditional recipes and craft methods in the estate’s own dairy by our talented staff consisting of production manager Kim Kej and dairy staff Ronnie Sølvskov and Sussi Pedersen, in collaboration with my husband, dairy manager Jesper Hovmand-Simonsen.

We take the utmost care, so we hope you can taste it.

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