The Knuthenlund Forest District

The Knuthenlund Forest District comprises a total of 225 hectares, which consists of 3 forest preserves: Ugleholt Forest with 196 hectares, Ørby Forest with 18 hectares and Hovmands Forest with 11 hectares. 4.4 hectares remain today as untouched forest.

As agricultural field, the forest soil is characterised by its lushness and great biodiversity. Thus, in the Ugleholt Forest there is a rich flora comprising, including blue anemones and seven different orchid species. Ugleholt Forest is also known for its many rare birds and many species of butterflies, and there is also a 400-year-old oak and a prehistoric grave site.

Ugleholt forest is bisected by Ørby Brook, which is an internationally designated spawning area for sea trout. The forests are thus managed as is our agriculture, according to organic principles without the use of artificial fertilisers and chemical sprays.

The forest’s growth consists predominantly of tall trees of maple, spruce, oak, beech, ash and arborvitae, crowned with a stand of Dutch oak. There is also a small production of Christmas trees and ornamental greenery, which is also grown organically.