Our History

Knuthenlund was established in 1729 by the County of Knuthenborg, in connection with the abandonment of Bregekop village. In 1913, however, Knuthenborg chose to sell Knuthenlund to dairyman J.P.H. Hansen, who in 1903 had been awarded a prize for his cheese and thus had earned a considerable sum that made it possible for him to buy the estate.

Thus, Knuthenlund is now owned by Susanne Hovmand-Simonsen, representing the fourth generation at the location. Susanne’s family have been involved in the local dairy production on the islands of Lolland and Falster through several generations. In addition to Suzanne’s great-grandfather, who was a dairyman and owner of Abed Dairy Farm before he bought Knuthenlund, her great-great-grandfather was a dairyman on Falster.

In the same way, paternal grandfather Morten Evald Hovmand-Hansen was also involved in local dairy production, as he first was president of the local co-operative dairy in Stokkemarke and later took the initiative to start Lolland Dairy in Maribo.

As of 1 July 2007 Knuthenlund Estate converted its operation to organic and thus became one of the country’s largest organic farms. Today, organic production is the entire base of Knuthenlund’s production. In 2009 a dairy reopened to produce handmade sheep and cow’s milk cheese and yoghurt using traditional craft methods.
Most recently, there is also a new series of meat and charcuterie made of lamb and meat from the original Danish Red cattle and the original Danish black and white Landrace pig.

Today original Danish breeds, as well as biodiversity and old Danish plant varieties constitute an important part of Knuthenlund’s production. At the same time, Susanne’s husband, Jesper Hovmand-Simonsen, who is also a dairyman, manages both the dairy and the other food production.

In addition to agriculture and food production, Knuthenlund also has a large modern farm shop with its own café and meeting and conference rooms. The farm shop provides a framework for guided tours as well as several annual events including the Easter Market, St. John’s Celebration, the Native Cooking Award international cooking competition and Organic Harvest Market. See farm shop opening hours at the bottom of all pages.

Welcome to our lush, organic world. At Knuthenlund we live in and with nature. We strive to take the utmost care with what we produce. We hope you can taste it.