Organic meat and charcuterie

At Knuthenlund Estate on Lolland, we are used to jumping over where the bar is highest. We produce exclusively organic foods. We are working to increase biodiversity in our fields for the benefit of animals and plants. And we gladly choose unconventional solutions to be able to offer the very best taste experience to our customers.

That is why we have also chosen to breed the original Danish black and white Landrace pig, which we thus are helping to preserve at the same time. It is this exact breed that over the centuries has adapted to the Danish environment climate, making it a very robust pig, well suited for living outdoors in Danish nature.
However, the original Danish black and white Landrace pig grows slowly and will not become as large as more modern pig breeds, which is why it is not chosen for more intensive pork production. Nonetheless, the breed has some food-related qualities that make it worth preserving. The pigs go outdoors throughout the year and are neither tail docked nor nose-ringed. In both fields and woodlands it scavenges for roots, worms, acorns and beech nuts, which imparts a very special flavour in the meat.
The meat has a deep red colour and a slightly firmer consistency than traditional pork, due to the muscle-building effect of fresh air and exercise. If you take a ride past the estate, you are more than welcome to go around and see the pigs in the wild.

In addition to our pigs, we also produce meat from lambs and the original Danish Red cattle. The lamb, pork, beef and veal are processed into various cuts and assorted charcuterie.

Together with nature, we have made an effort. We hope you can taste it.