Welcome to the Native Cooking Award at Knuthenlund 2018

In 2012 was Knuthenlund host of an unofficial cooking championship for the first time, with Michelin chefs from Denmark, Germany and Austria.

The contest was created in collaboration between Knuthenlund and renowned chefs who wanted to develop a new competition concept, on the basis of cuisine based on traditional craftsmanship combined with local raw materials and wild natural ingredients. Therefore, we have dubbed the competition: The Native Cooking Award.

The Native Cooking Award is a competition where teams from different countries compete in culinary art based on the local terroir conditions on Lolland. Each team consists of four chefs, who must minimally have experience as a souschef at a Michelin restaurant or a restaurant of a comparable level. Knuthenlund, as the first place in Denmark, prepared a list of wild edible berries and herbs to be found in the area, which subsequently resulted in a report with all of the herbs’ locations marked with GPS coordinates. Thus, each team will be given the herbs’ GPS coordinates at the start of the competition, along with a bicycle, after which they must go out into the lush countryside to gather herbs for the selected menu. In addition to the herbs, each team will receive meat and dairy products from Knuthenlund, and they may also use local products from other local producers of local raw materials, who will be represented in booths at the event. At the Native Cooking Award you can find Frederiksdal cherry wine, Krenkerup beer, Kernegaarden juice, vinegar and cider, Bandholm Frugtplantage juice, marmelade and apple wine, Østergård Vingård fruit wines, Dalbakkegård chickens and many more producers and products.

In order to emphasise nature and its impact and interaction on the genesis of the raw materials, the competition will take place in the open air. After gathering the herbs, the chefs will therefore have to prepare a three-course menu outdoors on an open grill. The only ingredient allowed from outside is salt.

As a spectator, you will be in close quarters with the chefs and the competition, which will all take place outdoors. Should you get the urge to play with Lolland’s amazing foodstuffs yourself, you can go on an excursion to the local food market, where you will find the best raw materials from Lolland, Falster and the surrounding culinary islands. Our own Farm Shop will also stay open and have a lot of special offers on the day itself.

We would be very pleased to see you at the year’s biggest event on Lolland-Falster.

More information about the event (PDF file).